Campaign details

Brand: İşbank
Lead agency: MUSE
Region: EMEA



Isbank, 95 years old and the largest private bank of Turkey pays special attention to the generation Y&Z within the scope of its digital transformation activities that will carry the bank to the future. Isbank, perceived as the most trustable but also a traditional bank among the young people, has needed to increase its engagement and perception towards the most reliable and innovative bank.

Building a strong bond between brands and the generation Y&Z is not so easy due to the characteristics of these generations. Today it's difficult to reach them with traditional advertising models. Their low financial literacy level and their stand aloof from the banks was a challenge to communicate with them.

So we concentrated on the new rising trends and contents followed up by the youth. We saw that Esports or competitive gaming is fast becoming one of the most popular spectator sports for the generation Y&Z. Esport is not only a new generation sport but also a way of life and culture for them. Esports, as one of the determinants of the future, is a very important medium while getting in touch with the generation Y & Z population in terms of brands' perspective since they are the potential future bank customers and conventional advertisement models do not work on them anymore.