Campaign details

Brand: Huawei Turkey
Lead agency: Wavemaker Turkey
Region: EMEA



As Huawei, we know that future technologies are hidden in the imagination and skills of young people. That is why we have been conducting the Seeds of the Future project in 96 countries since 2007. This project, attended by thousands of students, selects 10 youngsters from 3rd and 4th grade engineering students and aims to give them a unique education and experience in global information technologies in Huawei China one of the most important information technology centers in the world.

Target Audience

3rd and 4th grade engineering students. We knew that we would not communicate with the Generation Z in the traditional way. Attracting their attention was one of the biggest barrier for this campaign. We knew the how we reach our target audience but more importantly was to capture their attention and connect with them in an interactive way. This could only be achieved by change the classical communication format into more innovative, more native and more digital.

Creative Strategy