Campaign details

Brand: Huawei Iraq
Lead agency: Mindshare MENA
Region: MENA


The strategic objective of this campaign was to increase brand impact of Huawei, which has been struggling to reach the Iraqi users. Plus, in the Iraqi market, Huawei is lagging in market share at 20% versus Samsung and Apple that have first and second place. Thus, reaching real users who are owners of competitor phones was a direct and deterministic way of creating impact.

This campaign was driven to increase brand impact/awareness during the Islamic celebration of Eid via a raffle prize for users who purchased Huawei cell phones during this time after being driven to Huawei's Social landing pages. The impact was measured via brand uplift and real reach coverage.

The campaign yielded extremely strong lift in click-through of 3.5% and conversion rates of 14.19%.

A robust reach of 559,334 Arabic speakers and 47,328 Kurdish speakers via Zain's user data. Zain was chosen a strong partner on mobile data due to Iraqi reach of more than 50% on telco users. (Source).

Target audience