Campaign details

Brand: Hellmann's
Lead Agency: Mindshare
Region: North America


Hellmann's is made with real ingredients. Since 2007, the brand's mission has been to bring more real food to Canadians through the "Real Food Movement". Understanding that four million Canadians go hungry every year while billions of dollars of food are discarded every year. This fact gave Hellmann's the information they needed to understand where they could make a difference and how they can affect the amount of food that is wasted every year. Our challenge was to defend Hellmann's number one market share. We needed to re-assert Hellmann's commitment by evolving its "Real Food Movement" in a meaningful way. The evolution of the movement started at the corporate level by partnering with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to reduce the food waste at stadium events and by donating this food to people in need rather than throwing it out. To measure the success Hellmann's created a goal of providing 100,000+ meals to Canadians in need by May of 2020.