Campaign details

Brand: Grab
Lead agency: Media Muscle
Country: Indonesia



The Grab and Indonesia's National Soccer Team (Timnas) partnership started in Oct 2018. Grab started Kobarkan Semangat Garuda (blaze your garuda spirit). Garuda as the emblem of Indonesia that always sticks in the chest of Timnas' jersey. Within that moment, Timnas was competing in AFC U19 but lost in the semi-final. Then in November, Timnas played in AFF Suzuki Cup and lost in the group stage. It was a hopeless moment for Indonesia. But the supporters did not lose faith. Grab as a partner, were prepared for this and built a positive movement. Menang Ku Sanjung, Kalah Ku Dukung (we glory Timnas' victory, we support Timnas' loss). Supporters were shouting in the field and social media. It generated more than seventeen thousand hashtags in 4 days. That moment inspired Grab to be a better app for the Indonesian people. The next match for Timnas is AFF U22. Many Indonesians have faith in this young team. Timnas U22 aimed to win the match and Grab intended to utilize that moment to improve services.