Campaign details

Brand: Google Maps
Lead Agency: Toaster Ltd
Region: Indonesia



Google Maps is the preferred navigation GPS app that is ubiquitous to all android phones. While it enjoys healthy usage across the world and users prefer it over any other navigation app, in Indonesia there was a different story. While a majority of 4 wheeler users preferred Google Maps for navigating and checking traffic, on the roads, they weren't exactly the majority.

Indonesia is the 3rd biggest 2 Wheeler market in world. With over 6 Million 2 W vehicles sold annually, the needs of 2 Wheeler users were very different and unmet. For this large user base, we wanted to launch 2W feature of Google Maps and be hyper relevant to them.

The Business Objective:

  • Raise awareness about 2 Wheeler feature for the massive set of 2 Wheeler riders and drive them to try the feature