Campaign details

Brand: PT Frisian Flag Indonesia / Friso
Lead Agency: Pervorm & PT. Linksindo Makmur
Region: Indonesia



Friso Indonesia's objective is to increase market share through a 'new user acquisition strategy' that focuses on lead acquisition during the early stages of motherhood. Importantly, lead acquisition is a constant learning process to find the most efficient and cost-effective approach to recruit new users. To convince mothers to buy the product and become a new user, Friso offers free samples for consumers to experience and taste the brand. By acquiring consumers at exactly the right time, Friso increases the chance of product conversion and therefore the Lifetime Value.

In Indonesia, the challenge is to identify the defined target audience, the so called Super Premium Mums, which only accounts for 5% of its extremely crowded 260 million nation. As 70% of consumers recruited to this category at 1-year-old point, moms with kids between 1 and 3 years old need to be recruited each year at the critical point of maximize consumer lifetime values. Friso, which is a relatively new player in Indonesia IFT Super Premium Category, saw a need to be more articulate in communicating its brand message: "Friso preserves natural nutrition to help your child stronger from inside". This message resonates best with Indonesian super premium consumers and has been consistently delivered through an omni-channel consumer journey through to strengthen equity as well as increase consideration and retention. Among the different touchpoints, Digital Always-On Acquisition Model was one of business key focuses to strengthen consumer acquisition when kids are between 1 and 3 years old in 2017 and validate if this approach is potential to bring new users at low cost.