Campaign details

Brand: Durex
Lead agency: Havas Boondoggle
Region: EMEA


Durex was looking for a way to reach and convert ten African markets, most of which had never even heard of Durex but only with enough budget to reach one or two markets. To make things harder, getting Africans to buy condoms is difficult. Clinics hand them out for free and being quite conservative about sex, most don't want to be seen buying them.

Target audience

Our target audience was African males between the ages of 21 – 40. In particular, we targeted those who had expressed an interest in sports played on a national level.

Creative strategy

With no above the line support and a very small media budget, we knew we had to leverage our existing social media communities. We had to inspire them to buy Durex with pride. And to use that pride to positively encourage other Africans, in and outside of their country, to use Durex. So how do we make the buying of Durex condoms a matter of pride? We made sex a national sport and challenged all Africans to compete for their country in 'The Big O'. All they had to do to compete was to have sex with Durex products. The country that had the most sex would win.