Campaign details

Brand: DIMES
Agency: MG MEDIA
Region: EMEA



The campaign objectives are as follows:

  • To expand the brand awareness for our target group
  • To reach 1 million people.
  • Reach and Engagement were our primary KPI's, it was measured by social media.
  • To make our target group try out our product which is newly launched
  • To bring a new perspective for the integrated mobile and guerilla projects.
  • To create new channels to engage our consumers.

The brand operates in Turkey. The core target group is the Turkish Market.

There were a couple of challenges we have came across during the implementation phase of the case.

First of all, the campaign setup was an example of "guerrilla marketing" as our product was promoted in an unconventional way with a cost effective campaign design (utilised from the organic features of the mobile app).