Campaign details

Brand: Combantrin
Lead Agency: J3-IPG Mediabrands
Region: Indonesia



Combantrin wanted to remind Indonesian that deworming is still big threat for the nation

Target Audience

Our target audience was Indonesian, especially the young generation, called-Millennials. Indonesian active internet users often utilize content from traditional media and transform it into a viral Meme in social media. From the case of a Telco ad that create a viral Bekasi meme joke, to a Biscuit packaging design that become a viral during Ramadhan.

It's a social currency to show off their creativity, as well as main topic during catching up for this FOMO generation.

Creative Strategy

Deworming is often used as jokes on social media to mock someone. It was used to mock someone who stay slim even when he/she eating like crazy, or mock someone who always sleepy all the time. Which actually shows how they already aware with the implication of deworming.