Campaign details

Brand: BMW Canada
Lead Agency: Media Experts
Region: North America


BMW is known for innovation, performance, and design. It was time to push luxury to the top of the list to show audiences what it looks like when power meets prestige.

Having not launched an ultra-luxury model since 1990, the challenge facing the all-new BMW 8 Series was to launch a successful comeback into the crowded ultra-premium market (where we're up against pure luxury models like the Porsche 911 and the Mercedes S Class). What's more, during our hiatus from the ultra-luxury space, the competition only got stiffer. With seven vehicles all vying for attention, and interest in that space shrinking with the rise of SUVs, we needed more than the average car launch campaign to break through.

The cache of the 8 Series doesn't mean anything unless the halo audience knows about it. We needed to reach this entire target in a premium way that showcases us as leaders. Our objective was to:

  1. Deliver exclusive and bespoke experiences to our target audience
  2. Strengthen brand perceptions and BMW's position in the ultra-luxury segment
  3. Generate mass awareness and excitement

Target Audience