Campaign details

Brand: Barbadillo
Lead Agency: Thinfilm
Region: EMEA



Barbadillo is one of Spain's oldest and most renowned wine producers. To gain market share and create brand awareness, the company decided to promote sales of its high-volume white wine, Castillo de San Diego–in the peak of the 2017 summer holiday season.

Castillo de San Diego is produced from the Palomino Fino grape and was first bottled commercially by Barbadillo in 1975. It is currently the most widely-sold white wine in Spain.

The challenge was how to stand out in a highly competitive wine market – Spain has more than 4,000 wineries and produces about 3,500 internationally awarded wines. In such a crowded marketplace, Barbadillo had to do something different to achieve its goals, namely: grab consumers' attention; drive bottle sales; engage consumers with a relevant promotion; and foster the next generation of consumers.