Campaign details

Brand: APUS Group
Lead Agency: Muslim GO
Region: Indonesia



The strategic objectives of Tung Tung game campaign include:

  1. Get 2 Million game participations
  2. Increase users' engagement with their Friends and Families during Ramadan and Hari Raya Puasa
  3. Increase APUS and Muslim GO's brands awareness
Target Audience

Tung Tung, a simple but gripping game in which the time length of your press on the character dictates how far you jump.

Tung Tung Ramadan Game campaign was launched in Indonesia for the 87.2% Muslim majority, specifically the target audience was defined as 'Young People' above 16 years of age who are most likely to engage with their mobile devices. These young people spend more time playing games, shopping online, watching videos and browsing on their mobile devices. This campaign created buzz among APUS users, Muslim GO users and large number of users engaged with Tung Tung game campaign on social media platforms. Our target audience in this age category was mostly students and these youngsters engage more aggressively to such campaigns during Ramadan.

Creative Strategy