Why we should welcome ad blocking

Peter Field

Ad blocking is a phenomenon with far-reaching implications. As a response to intrusive digital advertising, consumers are sending a message to advertisers too important to ignore. The industry should welcome this message and think more seriously about how communications actually work. Bob Wooton, ex-chairman of ISBA, Alex Kozloff of IAB UK and the author Michael Bayler add their thoughts on this important issue.

Ad blocking has become a cause célèbre since Apple opened the mobile floodgates to blocking software last year. Much has been written about its explosive growth – most of it bemoaning the phenomenon and advocating measures to restrict or control it. But aside from the Canute-like impracticality of such measures, I think that there is good reason to welcome ad blocking and that we should embrace its immensely positive implications for online advertising. In this article, I will argue that ad blocking will be great news for effectiveness, great news for brands and ultimately great news for good publishers and other online media.

Facing up to the problem