The seven deadly sins of business writing

Laura Mazur
Writers 4 Management

Clear, concise and correct writing is not an optional extra in business. It is an essential part of how the world sees your brand or organisation.

Too much business writing is composed of what could be described as 'dead matter'. A jargon-fuelled pomposity seems to afflict an alarming number of business and public sector executives when they have to produce words connected to work.

The result, rather than elevating the tone, is obscurity of meaning. As one contributor to the Harvard Business Review wrote plaintively a few years back, about half of his business conversations: "I don't understand what anyone is saying anymore."

The Plain English Campaign has been battling against gobbledygook since 1979. But in the past few years there have been signs that this message is getting through with the realisation that good writing and presentation are critical to good communication.