Post-Brexit and Trump - a survival guide

Deborah Mattinson

As the dust settles here, in Europe and the US, many marketers are now wondering how best to navigate the fast-changing world. Based on our recent research, we've put together a survival plan.

It's important to understand what actually happened – on both sides of the Pond. There were some clear parallels in both campaigns. Both Brexit and the recent presidential elections highlighted a generation gap. Trumpers and Brexiteers were older: just 37% of 18–29-yearolds voted for Trump, and 27% of Brits of the same age voted Leave – while 53% of US voters aged over 65 voted for Trump – and 60% of British voters aged over 65 voted Leave.

Leave and Trump voters were also more rural, less urban, had fewer qualifications and were more likely to be white. They were more pessimistic in outlook too. Remain voters were more likely to agree with the statement 'Life in Britain is better than it was ten years ago'. Leave voters were more likely to agree that it is worse. Ninety per cent of those who voted for Hillary Clinton believed that 'the country is heading in the right direction', while just 8% of Trump voters agreed.