Maternal and baby KOL marketing: telling stories for brands with "real" content power

Maternity and baby is a big category that needs KOL and talent marketing. Every comprehensive social media platform has maternity and baby experts to help brands reach TA audiences, and they are more inclined to the concentration of categories; in comparison, maternity and baby vertical media may be more suitable for mother users. Providing an environment for peace of mind and talk, also has its own unique social value. According to Analysys’ analysis of “Consumption Insights of Generation Z’s New Maternal and Infant Crowds 2023”, when purchasing general maternal and infant products, mothers of Generation Z rely most on the word-of-mouth sharing and evaluation of mothers in the same circle (50%), and other professional doctors ( 40%), daily sharing of amateur mother bloggers (25%), professional evaluation bloggers (22%), etc. From the development of these mother and baby experts to the interaction with users, they all reveal the characteristics of "wildness", content iteration, and greater possibility of breaking the circle of creation. As a representative of the vertical media, Mama Wang Yunyu ranks first in the list of active users of mother and baby vertical apps in January 2023 in the above report. Its logic is to let users' needs be truly exposed to mother and baby experts and The brand gradually enables post-90s and post-95s mothers who live on the Internet to find the products and brands they need online as well as offline.

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