Executive Summary

Since 2011, the squash category had been in long-term value decline, with 1.6M households leaving the category over the 7 years (-6%). The macro factors that contributed to this were increased competition of soft drinks and water perceptually being healthier than a squash. As the number 1 brand and with 38% share of this category, Robinsons was also in despair, dropping from 55% to 41% penetration over the 8 years up to 2018, and losing £20m brand value. As the biggest brand that Britvic owned, we needed to fix this by building value and driving shoppers back into the brand.

The team set out on the huge task of transforming the flavour concentrates category in the UK, called Revitalise. We needed to update the perceptions of the brand, shifting it from an old and increasingly irrelevant brand to a modern and exciting brand, which would drive growth and win back lapsed shoppers.

What came out of this was the launch of 2 new sub brands, Fruit Creations and Fruit Cordial, and a new organising idea.