Executive Summary

This is a story of turning a problem into an advantage. A number of high-profile sporting events collided in the Summer of 2018 - the FIFA World Cup, Formula 1, the US Open Championships and, of course, the Wimbledon Championships.

Great if you're a sports fan. Not so great if you are IBM, the Technology Partner at Wimbledon. How can your brand activation hope to compete?

Rather than attempt to compete 'head on' with the other sports, our solution was to embrace them and take advantage of the excitement and fan interest surrounding them. Using AI delivered insights we compared different sports to discover how their respective athletes could learn from each other and FindTheAdvantage over competitors.

This meant that IBM could FindTheAdvantage too. In a year when the other sports, stole 29%* of the Wimbledon audience, IBM's brand activation 'broke through' and achieved 3.7m engagements - an increase of 85% versus activity with more investment in 2017.