Executive Summary

The world is full of sensible brands doing sensible things. That's why so much advertising is essentially wallpaper. Nobody sees it and nobody talks about it. Cutting through and getting noticed is everything, and being provocative and firing a debate is a pretty good starting place. Brave and effective work is never easy. The hurdles and challenges can be enormous. But the rewards can be infinite.

BrewDog's RateBeer campaign is a case study based on single-minded thinking and bravery. Bravery in the creative content used, bravery in the way it was executed, and bravery in the way it was delivered to the defined target audience.

Through being uncompromising, sticking to their guns, and being brave, BrewDog were rewarded with huge cut-through, a massive boost in brand awareness and word of mouth, and a big spike in consideration and trial from mainstream beer drinkers.