Mike's Hard Lemonade: MikeHacks

Category: Alcoholic beverages
Agency: Trisect
Country: US
Client: Mike's Hard Lemonade

mike's has been the leader in the Flavored Malt Beverage (FMB) category since it entered the US market in 1999. But over the last two years, the category has seen increased competition from new, flavor-focused entrants from big beer (Redd's, Lime-a-Rita), craft brands (local brewers, ciders) and spirits.

To further complicate things, mike's positioning as an "unconventional and quirky" option wasn't connecting with the important Millennial drinker.

So after years of trying to stand out, mike's needed to find an unconventional way to fit in.

This program targeted Millennial guys (21-34) who seek both physical and mental refreshment from their drinks. Guys looking forward to a "for me" moment. They're willing to sample a variety of products in search of the brand that best "gets" them.