Agency: Dentsu
Country: Japan

Background & campaign strategy

We launched two new products with the "Kissing Package".

"Kirin Afternoon Tea" and "Glico Pocky" are popular brands in Japan. But bottled tea and chocolate markets tend to shrink. They need a big event. For a breakthrough, they decided to join hands and start a product development project.

Normally tea and chocolate are placed on different counters in the store. It is difficult to make people buy both and have them together. So we tried to encourage people to buy both of them by developing new products. These products would highlight that, in other words, they're meant for each other. It is our strategy.

Campaign concept

The concept is "one in two". We created "one in two" products in terms of both packaging and taste. When the packages, one featuring a prince and the other a princess, are placed side by side, the two become a couple by appearing to hold hands. Also they were designed to taste like apple pie when eaten together.