Why Write About The Relationship of Semiotics to Science? Who is this Article by and Who is it for?

Semiotics in market research is typically, although not exclusively, qualitative and is distinguished by the activity of pointing out how semiotic signs (words, sounds, visual images) are connected to meanings. Pointing out connections is done with the expectation of being able to discover something about the system that produced them. In market research, this "system" is usually culture (and not, for example, the human brain or language itself). As such, semiotics belongs to the family of outside-in "culture methods" in market research—a family that also includes ethnography and discourse analysis. It is distinct from inside-out "psychology methods"—a family that includes attitude surveys, psychological depth interviews, and approaches such as behavioral economics, which concern internal decision-making. Semiotics has been available commercially in a visible way since the turn of the 21 st century.