Business performance is the actual work or output produced by a specific unit or entity in an organization. The term "measurable performance" refers to the ability and processes used to quantify and control specific activities and events (Morgan, 2004). Business performance measurement is one of the most important topics in the field of management because performance measurement systems are useful for assessing a firm's ability to exploit its resources and achieve the targets set for it by its owners, investors, and customers. Performance measurement tools enable managers to set and monitor targets and achieve the desired performance levels (Simons, 2000). As stated by De Chernatony, Harris, and Christodoulides (2004) "business performance is strongly dependent on brand performance" (p. 28). Brand performance is a relative measure of brand success (Ehrenberg, Uncles, & Goodhardt, 2004). Moreover, brand performance measures enable brand managers to understand brand value and compare brand success across different markets (Chapman, 1993).