Wrangler was a classic American brand looking to make a change.

They wanted to go younger, more diverse, and sell higher margin products - all while retaining the Cowboy DNA that makes then so unique.

So when hip-hop artist Lils Nas X emerged as this year's cross over country sensation with his song "Old Town Road" he most certainly caught our attention.

This was exactly the kind of modern cowboy Wrangler wanted to be associated with, but Lil Nas X was a far cry from the traditional version of 'country' that older Wrangler customers were used to seeing.

Wrangler had a choice; avoid any risk and play it safe, or holster up their guns.

Thankfully, like any good cowboy, Wrangler made the courageous choice. But we did not want to show our support with a sponsored post or a thumbs up emoji for Lil Nas X. No. We went all the way, thinking about the behavior as well as audience perception change we wanted from our, younger, more diverse audience. .