India has a potential workforce of more than 500 million people but sadly, this workforce is largely unskilled and unemployable. The government decided to change this by launching Skill India; the world's most ambitious vocational training program. Skill India was launched with much fan-faring and the launch campaign carried the promise of employment.

After the initial enrolments, the numbers started dwindling. We were assigned the task of rectifying this slippage.

Through research we were able to identify the cultural impediment which was holding people back. Our audience put more faith on external forces than on their own abilities. They believed that only people with fate, connections and luck could do well in life. They did not believe that Skills made any difference

Our strategy was to shift this perception. From pitching skills as a requisite for employment we decided to show how skilling gives them control over their lives. We created communications targeting each of the three external forces and we pitched skills against them.