America has the superbowl, the UK has Christmas; Australia's biggest ad moment is Australia Day.

And Australian Lamb, a brand that stands for 'Unity', could no longer ignore the fact that the day Australians should be most united as a nation - Australia Day - was increasingly becoming a day of division, because it excluded Indigenous Australians.

Our solution was to celebrate everyone who makes Australia great, instead of the day itself. It became Lamb's most talked about campaign ever. It was so successful in provoking the debate that Pauline Hanson, leader of Australia's most far right political party felt compelled to label us "a bunch of politically correct ratbags." Success.

Some very necessary Aussie cultural context

Lamb (the meat) is advertised in Australia as a product on behalf of all lamb producers who are represented by Meat and Livestock Australia. It's not a particular brand of lamb - it's all Australian Lamb. A brand unto itself. We know, it's a little weird.