Vitamin D is probably the easiest nutrient to acquire, since it is automatically synthesized in the body on exposure to sunlight. So it was very surprising that a sunrich country like India was severely deficient in this essential nutrient.

The key challenge was Indian society's instinct to treat the sun as an enemy. With rapid urbanization, even typically outdoor activities were moving indoors, and the most abundant source of Vitamin D was being abandoned. Kwality Dairy, a children's nutrition brand, wanted to address this deficiency by creating a movement that could regiment vitamin rich sunlight in the lives of children.

Rather than going the conventional way of mass education campaigns and hoping for a gradual change, we found a much simpler approach that was more scalable, impactful and sustainable. With just a minor shift in school timetables that didn't affect regular curriculum at all, we inculcated a practice that can have a major impact on the health of our future generations.