Casper: How a sleep startup became a cultural phenomenon

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Retail giants that make up the $14 billion mattress industry spend millions of dollars each year on unnecessary sales gimmicks and seedy practices, forging a shopping experience that is confusing, frustrating, and exhausting. The result? A mattress market that is flooded with endless choices at high costs, displayed in stuffy, poorly lit showrooms and pitched by commission-based salespeople.

Casper decided to take the mattress corporations head on and create a brand that offers consumers a premium sleep at an affordable price. The company hired a team of designers to completely re-engineer the mattress, and the result is an expertly crafted and universally comfortable mattress with a singular design, complete with proprietary latex foam.

The singular design creates a simplified shopping experience for customers, and by eliminating the middle-man and selling directly to customers online, Casper mattresses are priced at a fraction of the competitors -- starting at $500 -- and come complete with same-day delivery in a golf-bag sized box, making the entire process seamless and effortless for the customer.