adidas Originals was founded on the principle of taking classic sneakers from the adidas vault, and reimagining them for the modern world.

Addressing the world of street culture is a tough challenge for big, global brands. Many get it wrong by trying to mirror it. The only way to get it right is by contributing to it. The success of Originals would depend on our ability to add value to the creativity that fuels street culture.

With the word 'Original' in its name, the brand had to explore what originality meant for today's creators. Our insight: while mainstream thinking defined originality by who's done it first, true creators define it not by where you take it from, but where you take it to.

As the brand whose products borrow influences from the past, we felt we had license to do what no other brand could: prove that "original" doesn't come from a vacuum, but a collection of influences. To do this, we created a wholly original campaign - that didn't try to be original.