Launched in 2007, 5 Gum quickly became a half billion-dollar brand by defying category conventions and focusing on teens' and young adults' desire to experience new things. But as the brand aged, it slowed down. In 2015, we developed a new brand platform—Life Happens In 5—to stem those declines and regain brand growth.

In 2018, to boost the new platform and help change the trajectory of the brand, we developed a digitally focused program that would create a deeper, more meaningful connection with our teen and young adult audience.

The program, called "Regrets to Fight Regrets," was based on the insight that what we regret most in life are the things we didn't do.

Consistent with the brand's ethos, the effort was intended to inspire our audience to live in the moment.

But, rather than hold another mirror up to their lives, we went back to the brand's unconventional roots and shared stories and wisdom from senior citizens living with regret.