The Impact of Trademarks and Advertisement Size on Yellow Page Call Rates

Avery N. Abernethy and David N. Laband
Auburn University

The Yellow Pages are a 13.2 billion dollar adver­tising market with revenues exceeding those of magazines and local radio (Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2001), which reaches 98 percent of U.S. households (Mangel, 1992). Many local advertisers consider the yellow pages to be their most important advertising purchase because they provide a critical link between potential custom­ers seeking products and the local provider of those products.

Customers actively seek out yellow pages ad­vertising and most households consult the yellow pages several times a month (Mangel, 1992). This is in direct contrast to other advertising media where customers strive to avoid or ignore adver­tising. Yellow pages advertising frequently gains exposure to the customer when the brand and supplier choice decision are made. For this rea­son, most yellow page advertisements are rich in direct product and purchase information (Butler and Abernethy, 1994, 1996).