Michelon, Bellman, Faulkner, Cohen, and Bruwer


  • Overall, radio has a low level of mechanical advertising avoidance.
  • There is little variation in mechanical avoidance of radio advertising across media factors.
    • Music stations have slightly higher rates of radio-advertising avoidance than talk stations.
    • Out-of-home listening has a slightly higher rate of radio-advertising avoidance than in-home.
  • Light listeners drive radio-advertising avoidance in early dayparts.


Radio remains an effective medium for reaching all category buyers, a key component for brand growth (Romaniuk and Sharp, 2016). Radio can build brand salience through audio cues, such as stating the brand name, repeating a tagline, or playing a jingle. Although radio lacks visual elements, it can conjure powerful imagery in the mind or elicit a memorable moment (Barwise and Ehrenberg, 1988), which all help to garner attention and aid in the encoding of brand elements.