Campaign details

Brand: Translink
Advertiser: Translink
Agency: Ardmore Advertising


This is the story of how Translink, Northern Ireland's (NI) public transport provider, transformed a 1.6m decline in passenger journeys into a 2.29m growth in passenger journeys in just one year (2016/17 vs. 2015/16), from an advertising investment of £527,412. In the process, and when there was a 20% decline in public funding for the service, Translink's group revenue increased by £7.3m by the end of the 2017 calendar year compared to 2015, the year before the campaign started.

This reversal in fortunes was the result of a change in communication strategy, namely:

  1. A change in the messaging strategy to position Traanslink as a 'Smartmovers' choice.
  2. A return to previous advertising expenditure levels following a deep budget cut.
  3. A change in media channel prioritisation.

The Challenge