Marmite XO: Cult Classic - How the Marmarati launched Extra-Old Marmite using only earned media

Principal Author: Nathan McDonald, We Are Social
Contributing Author: Tom Denyard, Unilever

The Context

Marmite consumption: beyond Love and Hate.

Marmite is a household name in the UK, a national treasure that presents itself as a brand you either ‘Love’ or ‘Hate’. Actual consumption patterns are not so black and white. Within the group of people who define themselves as ‘Lovers’ of Marmite, research showed that there is both ‘extreme’ and a ‘casual’ consumer of Marmite.

Research conducted by Frank research for Unilever in 2009 showed that 21% of Marmite consumers spread their Marmite on thickly, “so you can’t see the bread”. These consumers sometimes described the need to get a stronger ‘hit’ of flavour on their toast or sandwich. They tend to eat Marmite on a daily basis, and not only at breakfast.