Campaign details

Brand: Godiva
Advertiser: Pladis
Agency: The&Partnership London


This paper shows how effective communication helped Godiva to democratise luxury: an expansion from beautiful boutiques, into the mainstream worlds of supermarkets and grocers. Our case study focuses on two very different markets within a global roll-out. In the UK, this was a launch, where we had to establish brand and product. In the US, it was a reappraisal task, where declining fortunes had to be reversed. We show how our convention-breaking, integrated campaign succeeded in both. The path from luxury to mainstream is not well-trodden, making this a rare journey of success.


The challenge of democratising luxury

The IPA data bank has many examples of brands stepping up into luxury. This paper is different. It's about a brand that extended in the opposite direction – from luxury to mainstream. We call it democratising luxury.