Using Neuromarketing to Discover How We Really Feel About Apps

Melody Adhami
Plastic Mobile


While moving out of its adolescence, mobile is still the new kid in town in the digital playground. But its growing global ubiquity has seen it garner more and more attention from brands taking to the idea of connecting with their customer anytime, anywhere.

As a result of its increasing consumer adoption, an increasing amount of research has been conducted to determine what business opportunities mobile presents as an added channel for driving revenues through m-commerce. While the quantitative data created and consumed every day by the mobile industry is imperative to understanding this, the value of qualitative information seems to have been forgotten. In particular, mobile's implicit intimate nature with the consumer has lead mobile marketing agency Plastic Mobile to wonder about the true engagement people experience when interacting with applications. Plastic Mobile partnered with True Impact Marketing, a neuromarketing firm, to study the implications of emotional and attentional engagement with mobile commerce enabled apps.