Dreaming out loud on Pinterest: New forms of indirect persuasion

Barbara J. Phillips

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Jessica Miller

Southern Methodist University

Edward F. McQuarrie

Santa Clara University

Advertising doesn’t mirror how people are acting, but how they are dreaming.

(Jerry Goodis, quoted in Jhally 2012)


As of 2013, online advertising revenues had reached a peak of almost $43 billion, surpassing both broadcast and cable television revenues for the first time (IAB 2014). Advertisers are interested in understanding how best to allocate their rapidly increasing expenditures online. However, achieving goals for consumer persuasion across new media can be difficult when different types of new media are springing up daily and the overall media landscape is in flux. This study examines one promising new media site – Pinterest – to provide knowledge of how consumers use it. With more insight into what consumers actually do on Pinterest, advertisers can consider how best to incorporate Pinterest into their campaigns.