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Brand: Dulux
Agency: Boys and Girls and Mediacom

Introduction and Background

Weathershield, a premium exterior paint brand, has been the Irish market leader for the past sixty years.

By 2015 Ireland was well and truly out of the recession with the economy growing quickly. Weathershield's competitors spotted an opportunity and began to invest in advertising. By the end of 2016 Weathershield's share of voice eroded from 74% to 49%, the same as its nearest competitor, Sandtex. For the first time ever, Weathershield's share of voice was neck and neck with its rival.

It wasn't just our share of voice that was being squeezed.

Advanced technology in exterior paint formulation had improved product quality across the board. Product benefits that Weathershield relied on like 'all weather protection' and 'ultimate durability' were becoming 'hygiene' as competitors touted (and delivered) the same promises.