Objectives and strategy

We wanted sports clubs to start playing integrated sports. More specifically, we wanted to reach a growth of 60% in the number of special athletes over 4 years and a growth of 60% sports clubs to offer inclusive sports.

We needed to reach everyone who plays sports in Belgium. With no media budget and very little owned reach, the smartest way to engage our audience was through their biggest influencers: their own sports heroes. We used top athletes both as a messenger and as a channel to reach millions of their (social media) fans. We needed their media reach to amplify our message and set an example for a whole nation.

And the insight? We spoke in the language of athletes and acted on the universal law of sports: every athlete wants to win, making it irresistible to accept the challenge.

Execution and media

It all started with six challenges, executed in 4 outdoor stunts and 2 videos. We challenged the athletes on their own turf, their race track, their swimming pool or their tennis court, using adapted banners for each different court.