Campaign details

Brand: Croatia Osiguranje Insurance Company
Advertiser: Croatia Osiguranje Insurance Company
Agency: Bruketa&Zinic&Grey/Brigada and Millenium promocija
Country: Croatia

Campaign summary

Together with Adris, Croatia Osiguranje Insurance Company, Brigada and Milleniumpromocija, we organised a historical exhibition in a tunnel bellow Zagreb to mark the 133th anniversary of Croatia osiguranje Insurance Company. We were engaging the citizens to take an active part on an everyday basis and change the physical layout of the exhibition by adding their own historical accounts posting them on the social media with the hashtag #PovijestPisemoSami (#WeWriteOurOwnHistory). Throughout 7 weeks we used digital channels to raise awareness, incentivise people to see the exhibition and take an active part, with the budget allocated for Facebook (15%), Instagram (8%), Google (11%) and Twitter (6%), and direct media buying on top sites (60%). We targeted all online users, making adjustments according to real-time results. Every week we came up with new creative ideas accommodated to suit different digital channels. The photographs of users not only composited the exhibition's layout, but also generated content for further online and offline communication. The online campaign reached over 1.5 million people and exceeded the targeted number of photographs eventually received (5,370).

Objectives and Strategy