Campaign details

Brand: BMW
Advertiser: BMW
Agency: Smartis/Starcom/Adform
Country: Turkey

Campaign Summary

We run a data-oriented Programmatic Addressable TV campaign through HBBTV protocol. With the help of cross device technology it is supported with retargeting strategies through social media and web channels.

All creatives were actionable and user was able to engage with creative with TV's remote control and expand creative to designed microsite and able to fill the form. All forms feed CRM system directly with the API connection between microsite and CRM.

Campaign used digital data sources such as website visitors, campaign clickers as a benefit of DSP's cross device technology, and also used DSP's targeting options such as city, frequency, time, creative targeting options and also optimized the campaign based on all possible variables and generated as much as possible forms. Also campaign optimized based on offline quality of each forms.