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Brand: Teads

Project Summary

Two thirds of digital media effectiveness is driven by the quality of content (Nielsen Catalina, 2017). At Teads, we are committed to helping brands evaluate their creatives for digital devices before they invest in media. We have partnered with Realeyes to develop Teads 'Creative Lab' to assess the performance of creatives and optimize them before the start of their advertising campaigns.

Teads Creative Lab has traditionally focused on longer form content (15-30 second adverts) but as more and more brands are using 6 second content as part of their media plans, Teads decided to commission a study with Realeyes to measure their impact and explore the relatively new area of 6 second content.

"The explosion of short form content caused by the emergence of mobile and erosion of consumer attention have changed the rules of the game. We have to learn how to tell brand stories in shorter formats, and get ready for even shorter formats in the near future" (Mars)