Tech Trends 2016: Understanding the driving forces behind the connected consumer



Technology is a dominant force across every industry, constantly reimagining and redefining our lives. As connected consumers adopt new technologies, their behavior leaves an impression in the form of data. Embracing analytical cultures and invisible analytics, some organizations have become expert at converting that data into business success. The result is improved customer engagement, insight that informs creativity and better ways to customize offers.

Our experts have chosen ten Tech Trends from all of the technological disruptions happening around us that will have the most impact in the near future. Some you'll be familiar with – mobile payments, video growth, connected cars and wearables – but others such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality are still in their infancy. For some of the ten – as with smart home and drones – success will come with the realization of a vision. And last but not least, you may feel a distinct "blast from the past" with 3D printing.