Better Homes and Gardeners

Spring has not sprung as much as it has arrived tentatively. Nonetheless, April is National Garden Month in the United States. The state of their lawns and what will be coming up soon in those currently barren pots is of concern to a growing share of the population. According to the National Gardeners Association (NGA), consumer spending on lawn and garden products increased 3% to $35.1 billion in 2007, and 82 million U.S. households participated in a lawn or garden activity. (1) While traditional gardening may evoke images of grandmothers with trowels, today's consumers are proving that gardening is far more than a sedentary pastime for retirees. This week's MONITOR Minute examines the opportunity for marketers to address green-thumbed consumers of all ages.


Nearly half of all consumers (47%) say they either garden or work in the yard in their spare time for fun and enjoyment (53% among home owners). And, given the growing interest in organics and food safety, it is not surprising that 30% of consumers today even grow their own fruits and vegetables.