At a glance

Wieden+Kennedy has an established reputation as a disruptive agency, and is applying such an innovative mindset to building a culture appropriate for a new marketing era.

Why it matters

Agencies face multiple challenges, be it the rise of in-housing or consultancies encroaching on their space. The opportunities for traditional advertising are also in decline, undermining former business models.


  • Agencies must be more proactive in addressing a client’s business needs, rather than waiting for a specific brief or problem to appear.
  • Moving beyond a sole focus on advertising can liberate agencies – and enable them to deliver a far greater variety of solutions.
  • Thinking like the co-owner of a brand, rather than an advertising partner, is vital for achieving progress.

“Advertising has never been particularly great, for the most part,” confessed Neal Arthur, managing director of Wieden+Kennedy/New York.