Four years ago, electronics brand Lenovo made the decision to enter into the consumer market. Previously the business had been primarily business-to-business focused.

Danielle Uskovic, who was Head of Digital APAC for Lenovo at the time of presenting but was announced to have left the company prior to the publishing of this story, made the call to utilise programmatic for the push into this new territory.

Uskovic was no stranger to programmatic: “Back in 2012, I fell in love with programmatic and started working with Tubemogul. We started using video en-masse for branding and we got some really good results from it,” she told the Programmatic Summit in Sydney recently.

For Lenovo, launching into the consumer market was challenging. Uskovic said: “We were in a saturated market, we had lots of different competitors that were doing really well. So we used a number of different agencies and primarily used programmatic as our vehicle to get mass scale.”