There are 2.4 million women between the age of 50 and 64 in Australia who, despite rarely being reflected in advertising, are far from invisible.

Advertisers and brands are the ones falling off the radar in the eyes of this cashed-up group of women, according to research by magazine publisher Bauer Media Australia.

Quoting Jane Evans, founder of The Uninvisibility Project, which aims to raise the profile of women over the age of 50. Addressing the audience at Mumbrella360 (Sydney, June 2019), Jane Waterhouse, general manager of Bauer’s in-house agency Story54, said: “We are now looking at the first women in history who are actually going to live half their lives past their used-by date. Fifty was once considered a used-by date for most women.”

After repeatedly picking up the message that these women of a certain age were invisible, Bauer set out to discover where they were and the characteristics that defined them. The results surprised Bauer’s team of researchers. “It was really not in line with the narrative we were anticipating,” said Waterhouse.