Why it matters

Fan engagement is a big thing for top tier clubs, with as many as 100 million fans connected to them via various channels. But while clubs can reach more fans than ever – and grow revenues with associated merchandise sales – there’s also the ever-present risk of adverse exposure via social media.


  • Clubs can find new fans by creating content tailored to specific verticals other than sports.
  • Clubs can learn from how American teams, from the NFL to the NBA, approach fan engagement.
  • Don’t assume you know everything when entering new markets; be ready to learn from your partners.

Big, tier-one football clubs typically reach up to 500 million fans around the world, according to Adam Field, head of global fan engagement at Chelsea FC.  Many of those will be “passive” fans, but Chelsea itself has around 100 million fans actively connected to the club in some way through its various channels.