The average British family spends somewhere between £3,000 and £5,000 on two holidays a year, depending on which research one favours. When RedC Research set out to look at the luxury end of the holiday market for a hotels and resorts client, the qualifying point was a minimum spend of £4,000 per person on the last holiday taken; in fact, a quarter of the sample had spent more than £9,000.

“And they’re habitual holidaymakers,” Richard Barton, the agency’s managing director, told the MRS Luxury Research Conference (London, September 2018). “They’re on holiday at least three-and-a-half times a year.”


These are precisely the sort of people luxury hotel group COMO wants as customers and from whom it sought the answers to two questions: do COMO’s three pillars – cuisine, service and wellness – resonate with consumers and what is the real value of influencers?

RedC observed a behavioural divide between younger and older travellers, which Barton split into the working, under-55s and the over-55s, many of whom are retired. “They really did have different priorities, different influences, motivations and needs from their holidays and travel experiences,” he said.